Fischer Custom Drums
custom made solid wood drum sets

It’s been a dream of mine for over 25 years, as a custom woodworker but first as a drummer to make handcrafted solid wood stave drums. I’ve had a unique idea for a stave shell design that has proved to be not only stunning to look at but sounds incredible.

The result is what you see in the following pictures. I feel very fortunate to be able to combine my love of woodworking with my life long passion for drums, and produce a drum set I am extremely proud of.

Fischer Custom Drums will be crafted to your specifications, each drum dimension, wood species, bearing edge, venting, finish and hardware will be selected by you to produce a look and sound as unique as you are.

Contact us to talk about your dream drum kit.  We’d be glad to design and build it for you. 


Tim Fischer


Fischer Custom Drums

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